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Intro to Vestibular Rehabilitation Certificate Course

Practical Strategies in Vestibular Rehabilitation Certificate Course

Business of Balance & Dizziness Summit 2023

Vestibular-Cervical Integration Training Post-Concussion Masterclass

Clinical Pearls in Vision, Vestibular, and Concussion

Visual-Vestibular Therapy for Functional Impairments Post-Concussion

Simplify Vestibular Masterclass

Concussion Health Summit Sessions

Vestibular Health Summit Sessions

Ever-Growing Educational Suite

Top experts share the latest knowledge and resources for vestibular, vision, cervical, concussion including 3PD, visually induced dizziness…and so much more! High-quality education with invaluable bits of information that are designed to be immediately implemented into your practice.

Practical strategies, on-demand talks, real-time feedback, recognized experts, caring clinicians, and industry leaders focus on patient-centric clinical guidelines that most effectively apply the latest evidence-based science in a best practices manner in vestibular, vision, cervical, and concussion.


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Over 50+ hours of continuing education

Become a Vestibular Specialist Online in 14 Weeks
The CCVR 2.0 Course is designed to build your understanding and know-how through practical application of the methodologies in vestibular rehabilitation – the same methodologies we use to assess and treat the vestibular population.

Certificate of Competency in Vestibular Rehab (CCVR) 2.0 Course

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Lifetime Access to Course Material

Continuing Education Credits

Weekly Coaching Calls

CCVR Discussion Board

Real-Time Feedback with CCVR Chat

Online Coursework & Lab (In-Person or Virtual) 

Convenient and Flexible Path

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A knowledge-to-action bootcamp that bridges the gap between evidence-based education and clinical decision-making skills in vestibular medicine. This bootcamp is a novel approach for translating clinical vestibular knowledge to practice and applying it to complex clinical scenarios using precision-driven care plans.

Advanced Decision-Making in Vestibular Medicine Bootcamp

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Lifetime Access to Course Material

Continuing Education Credits

Bootcamp Chat

Project Work

VestMed Algorithms & Heuristics 

In-Person (or Virtual) Exploratory Lab

5 Week, Virtual, Instructor-Led

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Stay current in vestibular medicine with our online Competency in Vestibular Rehabilitation Recertification Course! Refresh your memory, renew your skills, and stay up to date with key concepts and techniques in vestibular medicine.

Competency in Vestibular Rehabilitation RECERTIFICATION Course

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Lifetime Access to Course Material

Continuing Education Credits

Online Course

Case Study Assignment

Problem Solving Case Study Exam

Discussion Board Assignments

Key Concept Course Videos

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partnered courses

360 Neuro Health, in collaboration with LifeMotion Balance Center, will host the Current Trends in Concussion Management workshop in Tulsa, OK on Saturday,
April 15th. This workshop focuses on vestibular assessment and treatment approaches post-concussion, transferring findings from concussion-related balance assessments into treatment progressions, implementing novel treatment approaches in vestibulo-ocular reflex training, as well as have exposure to clinical pearls in both current and future trends in concussion management.

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Current Trends in Concussion Management Workshop

partnereed courses

Join us for Dr. Lisa Farrell’s on-demand course, Sowing SEEDS to Raise Migraine Threshold, hosted on 360NeuroGO! This 2-hour course offers healthcare providers a tool to help patients with migraine manage their symptoms by teaching them about behavioral prevention strategies, using SEEDS, and helping them to implement these strategies into their life.

Sowing SEEDS to Raise Migraine Threshold Course

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