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Business of Balance & Dizziness Summit + 360NeuroGO Opportunity

Summit Package - $1,500 $1,125
  • 10 minute informative interview to answer FAQs about your products, services, and solutions for maximum exposure and engagement with Summit attendees

  • Include your marketing materials in Summit Hub (available to Summit attendees)

  • Customized space in the 360NeuroGO Network open to all 360NeuroGO members (includes 2 user profiles)

  • Welcome Announcement in 360NeuroGO

  • Pre-Summit webinar held in 360NeuroGO (optional)

  • Highest visibility possible during the virtual event

  • Ongoing exposure as the presentations and resources will be available to purchase on-demand following the live event

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Our annual conference, Business of Balance & Dizziness Summit, is back on October 12 - 14! This year’s virtual event will explore the establishment of balance and mobility assessment and rehabilitation services in a variety of practice settings and communities. 

We are often asked for help in developing comprehensive balance and mobility programs. This year's Summit features expert speakers and jam-packed support materials and resources for our attendees to help them initiate, develop, or expand clinical services to address balance and mobility disorders.

We're confident that this event will be a valuable resource for healthcare professionals for years to come as it will be available to purchase after the live event.

We have one sponsorship opportunity available for the Summit: The Summit Package. It includes focused speaking time with our attendees to give your products, services, and solutions maximum exposure and engagement. The speaking time will consist of an informative interview where you will be answering the top FAQs about your solutions. As an extra bonus, your company will receive a customizable space in 360NeuroGO, our private network of over 1,800 members consisting of healthcare providers (and growing!).

Hurry! Spots are limited + only 9 packages available. 25% off until September 29th.

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Here's a breakdown of What You'll Get:

10-minute informative interview
This unique opportunity will be held during the live event (Oct 12 - 14). First come, first served. Your representative will answer frequently asked questions about your products and services. This is your chance to tell our attendees how your solutions meet their needs in a comprehensive balance and mobility program.

Featured in 360NeuroGO

Your company name will be featured in the main navigation bar for easy navigation to your space. Customize your space with the following elements such as: logo, headline, descriptive text, videos, testimonials, images, attachments, and calls-to-action. Comment-enabled. Lead form included (optional).

Your 360NeuroGO Network account includes multiple user profiles - the centerpiece of your personality in 360NeuroGO. It’s a reflection of you and your company. It helps our members get to know you and connect with your organization - and it's searchable in our directory! Customize with profile pictures, bio, headline, social media links, and location.

We will also tag your profile with our Industry Network badge to help identify the special role you play in our network.

Welcome announcement in 360NeuroGO
Once your space is ready to go, we will welcome you to our 360NeuroGO members in the Announcements space. This announcement will also show in all members' feeds.

Pre-Summit webinar held in 360NeuroGO (optional)
This optional webinar will be held in 360NeuroGO and open to all of our members. It will be added to the Event space for members to RSVP. Demonstrate the value of your product and/or service while educating prospective customers on how your solution truly solves their pain points and enables them to become more successful in their job. Following the event, the recording will be placed in the Playbacks space for later viewing and commenting.

Highest visibility possible during and after the virtual event
Your brand will be featured throughout the Summit, from the registration page, 360NeuroGO Summit Hub, live event platform, social media postings, emails as well as ongoing exposure as the presentations and resources will be available to purchase on-demand following the live event.

Summit Package - $1,500 $1,125

9 available packages. First come, first served. No contracts. Flexible Payment Options. Payment plans available at checkout.

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Summit Description
Whether you’re interested in expanding specialty services related to dizziness and balance through a multi-disciplinary approach, integrating a comprehensive concussion clinic from pre-injury to time of injury to post-injury and throughout the rehab process, learning about novel treatment ideas, or investing in new technology that improves patient outcomes, you’ll find insights from our notable speakers and panelists that can be implemented in your setting right away.

This is a unique opportunity in the balance, dizziness, and concussion space for connecting with experienced providers with mutual interests in operations, best clinical practice, and educational outreach.

Dr. Gerard J. Gianoli, MD kicks off the Business of Balance & Dizziness Summit 2023 to share his experiences in offering comprehensive vestibular care for individuals with chronic and complicated dizziness. He understands the challenges that patients face in seeing multiple providers without an accurate diagnosis. Dr. Gianoli brings insight into the role of comprehensive diagnostic and functional assessments to aid in the development and delivery of progressive treatment plans to positively impact the management of vestibular-related disorders.

We are hosting the Business of Balance & Dizziness Summit with 360 Balance & Dizziness Center, a clinic in Austin, Texas specializing in the evaluation and treatment of dizziness and balance disorders that includes both audiology and therapy services. The providers from 360 Balance & Dizziness Center as well as other experts in the field will be sharing their thoughts and direct experiences in balance therapy, vestibular rehabilitation, and concussion management. 

Business of Balance & Dizziness Summit 
Oct 12-14, 2023

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This is your chance to demonstrate the value of your product and/or service while educating prospective customers on how your solution truly solves their pain points and enables them to perform their job more efficiently. 

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