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Visual-Vestibular-Cervical Integration Training Post-Concussion Masterclass

This masterclass focuses on vestibular assessment and treatment approaches post-concussion for ages 14 and older. You'll have access to the Concussion Clinical Profiles (CP) Screen, which extends on previous symptom inventory questionnaires by evaluating symptoms more specifically to better identify clinical profiles and target clinical care.

You'll also learn...

How to transfer findings from concussion-related balance assessments into treatment progressions, consider the various options in vestibulo-ocular reflex training, integrate basic visual rehab activities when appropriate, identify cervicogenic components post-head trauma, and have exposure to clinical pearls in both current and future trends in concussion management.

With this masterclass, you get video training with instructors who take you through the course material step-by-step. You also receive community support, concussion-specific questionnaires, screening & exam references, treatment ideas, sample home programs, and case studies.

Upon completion of this course, the participant should be able to demonstrate the following:

  • to recognize visual, vestibular, & cervicogenic impairments related to concussion;
  • • to identify appropriate treatment strategies for functional visual, vestibular, & cervical-related
  • activities, and
  • • to define the rationale on how to progress the care plan based on the clinical presentation of
  • the patient.

A knowledge-to-action bootcamp that bridges the gap between evidence-based education and clinical decision-making skills in vestibular medicine. This bootcamp is a novel approach for translating clinical vestibular knowledge to practice and applying it to complex clinical scenarios using precision-driven care plans.



Bridgett Wallace, PT, DPT

Bridgett Wallace has a Doctorate of Physical Therapy and holds competency-based certifications in vestibular rehabilitation and concussion management. She is the founder of 360 Balance & Dizziness and co-founder of 360 Neuro Health Institute. Bridgett is a member of the American Physical Therapy Association and the Vestibular Disorders Association.

In addition to treating patients at her clinic, 360 Balance & Dizziness Center, for 20 plus years, Bridgett consults and lectures both nationwide and internationally in concussion management and vestibular disorders. She has provided consulting services to The University of Texas Athletics since 1998 and MLB Umpire Medical Services since 2011.

Bridgett co-authored two patents for vestibular disorders and developed an iPhone app, PLAY IT SAFE®, which was designed for sideline-concussion assessment. She has been published in the Eye & Brain Journal and has contributed to chapters in Therapeutic Exercise and Lifespan Neurorehabilitation – both textbooks used in therapy schools. Bridgett was awarded the Health Care Heroes Award by the Austin Business Journal in 2011 and Distinguished Alumni Award by Texas State University Physical Therapy Department in 2013.

Angela Rich, PT, OCS, ScD, ATC

Angela was a private practice owner for 16 years, specializing in orthopaedics and sports medicine. In 2015, she turned her focus to teaching as a Clinical Associate Professor in Texas State University’s Doctor of Physical Therapy Program with responsibilities in Orthopaedics and Therapeutic Interventions. In 2017,

Dr. Rich was recognized with the Faculty Excellence Award in Teaching for the Department of Physical Therapy and the College of Health Professions. Her research agenda focuses on the identification of movement system dysfunction and impairment-based intervention.

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