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We are sisters and co-founders. Our passion to educate and collaborate grew into what 360 Neuro Health is today. 

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We're on a mission to put context to knowledge and turn it into practical application while creating multidisciplinary connections, knowing that working together increases access to meaningful content and awareness.

Envisioned by sisters and co-founders Jeseka & Bridgett, 360 Neuro Health reflects our ongoing journey to provide meaningful educational experiences through a shared and supportive multidisciplinary healthcare community. 
We built 360 Neuro Health on years of experience, successes, failures, and grit. Our deep family roots from generations of entrepreneurship, strong work ethics, ambition, and love have been the foundation of providing a supportive environment where healthcare professionals can enhance their skills, easily access content, and collaborate with each other from around the world.

The story begins in 2010 when sisters and co-founders, Bridgett Wallace, PT, DPT and Jeseka Wallace, hosted our first conference with a focus on concussion. Our passion to educate and collaborate grew into what 360 Neuro Health is today. We organically grew the business into this collaborative story about having a brand that is changing and evolving but has a strong sense of DNA. Coming from a small town and tight family, a sense of community has always been important to us.

We've been able to curate hundreds of hours of education and clinical resources for healthcare professional passionate about learning and sharing information related to balance, vestibular, vision, cervical, gait, concussion, and practice growth related topics.

This was possible by utilizing years of educational content and partnering with key thought leaders, researchers, and practitioners from various professions: physical/physiotherapy, occupational therapy, athletic training, audiology, neuro-optometry, chiropractic care, psychology, otolaryngology, neurotology, and neurology.

Eternally grateful for all the collaborators and customers through the years, we have long envisioned moving beyond the content dump approach, shifting from content to context. This was accomplished by listening to our customers evaluate their experiences, share their needs, and identify their pain points to create a safe space to share clinical questions and ideas through a private professional platform.

Bridgett Wallace has a Doctorate of Physical Therapy and holds competency-based certifications in vestibular rehabilitation and concussion management. She is also the founder of 360 Balance & Dizziness,  an outpatient clinic in Austin, Texas. Bridgett is a member of the American Physical Therapy Association and the Vestibular Disorders Association.

Meet Bridgett Wallace, PT, DPT

In addition to treating patients at her clinic, 360 Balance & Dizziness Center, for 20 plus years, Bridgett consults and lectures both nationwide and internationally in concussion management and vestibular disorders. She has provided consulting services to The University of Texas Athletics since 1998 and MLB Umpire Medical Services since 2011. Bridgett co-authored two patents for vestibular disorders and developed an iPhone app, PLAY IT SAFE®, which was designed for sideline-concussion assessment. She has been published in the Eye & Brain Journal and has contributed to chapters in Therapeutic Exercise and Lifespan Neurorehabilitation – both textbooks used in therapy schools. Bridgett was awarded the Health Care Heroes Award by the Austin Business Journal in 2011 and Distinguished Alumni Award by Texas State University Physical Therapy Department in 2013.

Bridgett is a proud graduate of Texas Tech University, Texas State University, and Hardin-Simmons University. She is a 4th generation Texan from Wheeler, TX. Bridgett values time with family and friends. She loves the outdoors, especially outdoor cooking, camping, the water, and hitting the open road on her motorcycle.

Bridgett is a physical therapist, vestibular fanatic, entrepreneur, educator, dog mom, outdoor enthusiast, and wind seeker. She facilitates meaningful education to foster engagement, knowledge growth, skill enhancement, and clinical reasoning.

She has owned a private practice clinic for more than 20 years and worked with a variety of healthcare settings and sports-related organizations to provide education for vestibular-related services and practice growth. Bridgett has also co-authored journal articles and book chapters and lectures nationwide. 

Bridgett is the co-founder of 360 Neuro Health Institute and the Director of Education. Bridgett is an extraordinary teacher and her responsiveness always goes 'above and beyond'. She is known to create an atmosphere that makes it very easy and unintimidating to ask questions and get clarification.

This is FloJo*

*Named after our grandmas, Florene and Johnnie

"I loved the delivery of the course and Bridgett was amazing. I don't know how she managed to get back to everyone's individual questions. She was extremely supportive and so incredibly knowledgeable about the subject."

- Katherine, DPT

Meet Jeseka Wallace

Jeseka is co-founder of 360 Neuro Health and is instrumental in driving growth strategy through digital marketing, programs, and business development as well as creating operational excellence across the organization.

Jeseka is a creator, digital marketing innovator, entrepreneur, teenager mom, expert furniture rearranger, animal lover, outdoor enthusiast, and peace seeker. She facilitates content marketing strategies to empower others.

Her 20+ year career extends from receiving her biology degree, serving as Executive Director for a non-profit association, marketing strategist, conference organizer, and website designer. Jeseka is committed to creating meaningful and useful products that uses technology to bring people together through content.

She is a city dweller who loves to camp, backpack through the mountains, and conversate around a campfire. Jeseka placed second in storytelling in second grade and never looked back. She has a passion for content marketing. Engaging customers with practical knowledge that they can use every day.

Through her marketing experience, Jeseka has found a passion for web design. "It takes less than a second for your visitors to form a first impression. Your website has the power to determine if they stay or if they go. A high-quality website is a great opportunity to make a powerful first and lasting impression."

She is a lifelong learner and recently received her Digital Marketing Professional Certificate from the McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas at Austin.

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As we demonstrated over the years, our educational initiatives empower progressive healthcare professionals to learn more about collaboratively setting the gold standard in best practices care. In this context, the influential voices of well-respected speakers helped us to collectively elevate our profession.

Our high impact events attract an influential array of healthcare and educational professionals, while emphasizing the mission critical nature of interdisciplinary collaboration. By bringing together recognized experts, caring clinicians, and industry leaders, we focus on patient-centric clinical guidelines that most effectively apply the latest evidence-supported science in a best practices manner.

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