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"Just showing a co-worker all the resources that 360NeuroGO offers. Such a great resource and group of people. I love the new evidence, the scope of vestibular and the ability to communicate with a group of people as vestibular is so intriguing and we are learning more every day."
- Danielle H, PT

"I love this community. I am learning from others and getting my answers to questions. The videos for playback and instruction in maneuvers, testing, etc are excellent. I've been taking the clinical pearls course and it has been excellent- on my last video and it was wonderful to go at my own pace and go back to rewatch things. Resources people are listing have been helpful as well. I've also made use of the resource library. I am hoping this continues to grow into an even more useful, dynamic group and content. Thank you!"
- Lindsey R, Neuro and Vestibular Physical Therapist

"Since we’re on a new platform (thank you, Jeseka and Bridgett, and whoever else is putting this together!) I thought I would say hi, so happy you are all here. I’m a HUGE fan of 360NeuroHealth and have learned so much and continue to learn so much here. What a priceless resource in this complicated and rewarding field. I completed the CCVR class in the spring and am now only seeing vestibular and cervical patients in an outpatient setting."
- Annie M, 360NeuroGO Premium Member

"Often visit the app, and although I live far away from most of you, I feel like I have a group of like minded therapists close by to discuss with. As well great and original ideas to make our therapy sessions more interesting and fun."
- Maurice S, Physiotherapist

"I learn something new every time I visit the 360NeuroGO website!"
- Gerard V, PT, DPT

"This site is packed full of information - you would need a lifetime to get through the material. I live in a small community and I don't have any mentors so this is my "family" to learn from. Hopefully I can be a resource ongoing for any that want to learn."
- Rebecca S, Physiotherapist

"Love the accessibility to great resources and vestibular collaborators."
- Paula C.

We’ve surveyed hundreds of our graduates and students about their experience. Here is what they had to say about the CCVR Course...

CCVR 2.0 Course

Why did you choose the CCVR Course?

"After Herdman vestibular training in 2013, I practiced in a large acute care setting with a collaborative team. It was a comfortable setting with access to MRI results in the patient chart, direct communication with the medical team for any suspicion of central etiology and often a neurologist confirming the diagnosis with education to the disorder, follow up care, connections to ENT referral, etc. In 2020, I transitioned to outpatient with the intent to build a vestibular, balance and Neuro program in a small rural clinic. I quickly realized the gaps in my knowledge base for dealing with more complicated chronic dizziness, documenting justification of services and carrying out a progressive care plan over several weeks instead of a few days. Two former coworkers had completed the CCVR course and both loved the ability to self pace study virtually while following a lesson plan. They both had endless resources after completing their courses with lifetime access to a community of vestibular therapy providers. It was a no brainer that this course would be pivotal in developing a solid current evidenced based vestibular program!" - Lana, PT

"I was looking to expand and solidify my knowledge base with more complicated vestibular patients and concussion patients with vestibular and vision issues." - Paula, BSc PT,Cl MSc PT, FCAMPT

"I started my love of VR back in 2003 when Bridgett Wallace came to Dothan, Al to teach a course. I took numerous courses over the years and treated so many vestibular patients and my love continued to grow. Another therapist who took this course told me about it and I could not pass it up." - Kelli, LPTA

"I learned about the CCVR course as PT student at 360 Balance for a clinical internship. Experiencing the way this clinic operates through use of education, diagnostics, and evidence base practice to put the patient needs first made want to further my learning with them. Seeing their results and patient satisfaction let me see firsthand they were doing it the right way." - Jenna, PT

"I work at FYZICAL Dizziness and Fall Prevention Center. The majority of my patients are there for vestibular rehab. I wanted to improve/sharpen my skills and ensure I am keeping up with the most recent research around vestibular rehab. I wanted to get a deeper understanding of vestibular rehab, differential diagnosis, diagnostic tests, etc. It becomes easy to fall into a routine with patients and I wanted to make sure I was thinking outside the box with each individual patient." - Katherine, DPT

What was the challenge(s) you needed to solve?

"After moving from a large acute care setting where I worked as part of a multidisciplinary team into a small rural outpatient clinic, I had several concerns about building an effective vestibular program. The other therapists in the practice were ortho focused and had set up a basic "balance program" a few years before searching for a program director. The PT's in the clinic did not readily adapt their methods towards my suggestions, it was apparent I needed current evidenced based treatment resources to get the staff on board with more customized interventions. My Herdman training from 2013 was a great foundation yet I was aware developments in managing chronic dizziness, vestibular migraine and concussion. Another area of concern involved my skill sets in treating Horizontal canal BPPV or the more challenging cupulolithiasis BPPV plus the ability to train staff without previous vestibular experience in less common areas of inner ear dysfunction. Additionally expanding my ability to effectively document need for PT service, communicate with ordering providers of concise exam findings, and establish relevant patient focused goals was a need for improving my daily productivity." - Lana, PT

"Vision and treatment related to differential peripheral diagnoses." - Jacquelyn, PT, DPT, NCS

"Needed a more concise way to evaluated dizzy patients." - Laura, DPT

"I wanted to reinforce and validate my current knowledge and gain insight on how others approach challenging patients." - Constantine, MD

"BPPV eval and tx has changed since I took the Emory course 7 yrs ago. I wanted to know more so I could be a better clinician. I also wanted to know more on the options of treating MD and VM." - Mary, DPT

"A review of general vestibular concepts but also the opportunity to go into more detail to better understand and refine educational concepts, evaluation, diagnostic and interventions." - Jenna, PT

"While taking the CCVR course I realized that I was treating patients with vestibular disorders with the correct techniques and using appropriate tests and measures however my diagnosis skills were lacking and my understanding of the role of VR in different common vestibular diagnoses needed developing." - Magdalena, PT, DPT

"I wanted to gain a better Understanding of the anatomy, physiology, medical testing and central/complex cases." - Diana, PT, DPT

How did the CCVR Course solve your challenge(s)?

"The course did just what I had hoped. I know feel much more confident in evaluating and treating vestibular patients beyond BPPV. I have greater confidence in this area and plan to increase marketing to area provider and therefore gain more vestibular referrals." - Kerri, PT, OCS

"It is a great source of information by providing up-to-date literature reviews and a way to share the insights of those working 'in the trenches' with balance patients." - Constantine, MD

"Modules, handouts and coaching call discussions to elaborate on the disorder pathology, treatment strategies and interventions for balance, visual training exercises, cervicogenic dizziness, atypical BPPV presentations, concussion management, vestibular migraine, the anxious faller and various types of central dizziness. Participant questions were welcomed for each weekly lesson which reinforced simple strategies for implementing techniques. Plus the article library and video library are resources that I have lifelong access for maintaining current evidenced based strategies. Throughout the modules I found key words / relevant phrases to utilize in documentation and simple methods of transforming intake forms into goals. My documentation time has become much more efficient and reflects a detailed knowledge of vestibular A/P with disorder specific considerations." - Lana, PT

"I now have many resources and people to communicate with to allow me to better treat all patients and understand when something doesn't work." - Sara, PT, DPT

"Provided extensive information! So thankful for this course, will continue to use it as a resource." - Olga, DPT

"The course was very detailed in every aspect from anatomy/physiology, diagnosis, evaluations, and treatment. I did actually solve what specific treatment works for me based on the discussion or coaching. I have bilateral Meniere's and I get dizzy with vertical head movement with feeling of imbalance, disorientation, and blurry vision. Based on the lesson/ discussion bilateral vestibular involvement should focus on improving somatosensory/proprioception and vestibular balance which I did - wow great improvement ( less disorientation and improved balance). Dizziness is improving doing VOR with head in 20 degrees flexion." - Renea, PT

How was the CCVR Course unique?

"It provided me with the appropriate education and resources, as well as allowed me to converse with fellow vestibular therapists on their challenges." - Jacquelyn, PT, DPT, NCS

"It was ALL inclusive. Speakers from audiologists to neurologists to PTs really helped provide expertise in all possible topics. The online format was unique to other courses I have attended even prior to the pandemic but went really well." - Kerri, PT, OCS

"Presenters from a multidisciplinary team - audiologists, neurologists, specialized therapists, litigators, and headache specialists - participants are trained directly from the experts in each field that contributes to the care of a dizzy patient. I also found a greater insight into how each specialty views the dizzy patient, which improves my skills for referring to other providers and establishing working relationships to gain better outcomes!" - Lana, PT

"I have taken many vestibular courses, this is very comprehensive, covers many topics and the instructors are honest about how sometimes things wont work and you need to try something new." - Sara, PT, DPT - Sara, PT, DPT

"The amount of knowledge, professionals, and caliber of speakers for the curse was great alongside the format of presentation and resources. It wasn't just read a power pint and take a test, this course was really engaging for all types of learners." - Mary, DPT

"It was unique because of the coaching calls where one can ask questions and get the answers with an explanation of why and how." - Renea, PT

"I loved the delivery of the course and Bridgett was amazing. I don't know how she managed to get back to everyone's individual questions. She was extremely supportive and so incredibly knowledgeable about the subject." - Katherine, DPT

What did you particularly like about the approach or delivery?

"By having all online content, the CCVR course was easy to fit into my busy work and mom life. You could go self paced and had reviews weekly to keep you on track. Also, the instructors were very prompt to any question and encouraged participants to be actively engaged to ask any question." - Deena, DPT

"The handouts were particularly helpful in summarizing video lessons. The amount of detail spent on reviewing was very helpful." - Chandler, DPT

"The course was incredibly organized. I loved the layout and delivery. It was easy to follow on the platform used. Between the video lectures, coaching calls, and supplemental materials I felt like I had all of the resources I needed to succeed." - Katherine, DPT

"I really loved the recorded videos with provided powerpoint. The organization of the classes was so easy to navigate and really helpful to pace myself through the course." - Whitney, DPT

"I like online/virtual approach for its flexibility. I prefer this approach over the face to face course because I can study at my own pace. In this pandemic and as a mother of a preschooler working fulltime I want something less stressful way of learning. I’m so grateful that I found this course." - Wilma, PT, DPT

How would you summarize the experience as a whole?

"The course is intense with a TON of information. You have to stay on top of the lessons week by week but if you do, you will be able to gain so much usable knowledge in vestibular rehab." - Kerri, PT, OCS

"Overall it was a great course! Would definitely recommend it to coworkers and friends." - Carlos, PT, DPT

"A terrific course full of very detailed information! I will continue to go back and use as a resource." - Olga, DPT

"I felt the course was challenging, and informational. I thought I knew a lot about Vestibular Rehab. This course filled in a lot of gaps in my knowledge that I had no idea about." - Gwen, MPT, CLT, NCS

"It was a very intensive, yet very beneficial course that has allowed me to approach patients with vestibular disorders with much more confidence as a clinician." - Chandler, DPT

"This course was very helpful for my practice. I looked forward to the material each week. I had a great experience and was happy I chose to take it." - Katherine, DPT

"The material was challenging but Bridgett was very supportive and was dedicated to providing all the participants with useful materials, evidenced based techniques, and becoming a community and resource that participants could use and stay involved with after completion of the course." - Magdalena, PT, DPT

"This was a very comprehensive course. You will walk out of this course feeling much more confident treating vestibular disorders. The course is flexible, and Bridgett and other staff are always available to answer any questions/concerns." - Jessica, PT, DPT

Would you recommend the CCVR Course to others? If so, who?

"I would definitely recommend this CCVR course to anyone (doctor, physical therapist, audiologist) who wants a better comprehensive understanding of dizziness (and concussion), interpret symptoms, best courses of treatments, need for special tests and/or specialist referrals. I probably wouldn’t recommend this course to a health care provider who has never taken a vestibular class before. It is pretty high level and I feel it helped me to have a basic knowledge of vestibular PT before taking this class." - Priscilla, MPT

"I definitely recommend this course to any professional wishing to enhance their vestibular rehabilitation knowledge and practices. I was able to immediately apply what I learned in the classroom the next day in clinic." - Susan, PT, DPT

"YES! Absolutely! To physiotherapists and doctors who want to work with these types of patients." - Klara

"No matter what setting you are practicing in, this CCVR course is the most thorough in detailing how to apply skills in managing a dizzy patient appropriate to your environment. I have attended other courses that negate the relevance of specialized vestibular care in settings other than outpatient, which does not help the participant readily institute new skills or invest much effort in acquiring content on the "atypical" presentation. 360 Neuro Health understands the importance and demand for highly trained vestibular specialists within the outpatient clinic, home health practice, acute care setting, and beyond!" - Lana, PT

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