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Available To Purchase In September 2023

We took the assessments, treatment application guidelines, and treatments from our bestselling 'Simplify Vestibular' Kit, and made them into a must have clinical resource!

Practical and highly organized, each assessment and treatment is broken down into step-by-step instructions so you can implement right away in your setting:
  • each assessment is broken down into purpose, indications, equipment, time-required, set-up, instructions, interpretation, and additional considerations 
  • each treatment is broken down into purpose and associated levels of progression. 

We've also included treatment application guidelines and a resource section! You'll also receive access to a video library that you can refer back to any time. 

The pre-sale has ended! Thank you to all who purchased the Dizziness and Balance Assessments & Treatments - A Clinical Guide for Healthcare Professionals | 1st Edition. We will start shipping it mid-September along with the bonuses available only during the pre-sale.

Available to order in september

Dizziness and Balance Assessments & Treatments - A Clinical Guide for Healthcare Professionals | 1st Edition


Pupillary Light Reflex (PLR) or Swinging Penlight Test
Eye Alignment with Occluder
Normal Physiological Diplopia
Ocular Motility and Smooth Pursuit
Saccades, Vergence
Dynamic Visual Acuity Test (DVAT)
Joint Position Error Test (JPET)
Modified Clinical Test of Sensory Interaction on Balance (mCTSIB)
Modified Control of Balance Test – AKA: Modified Concussion Balance Test (mCOBALT*)
Vestibulo-Ocular Reflex
Cancellation Test (AKA: Motion Sensitivity Test)
Visual Midline Shift Test


What's inside?

Vestibular Ocular Reflex Rehab
Vestibular Spinal Reflex Rehab
Vision Rehab
Neck Proprioception Rehab

Treatment APPLICATION Guidelines

Accommodation Agility & Saccades Training - Letter Charts
Binasal Occlusion (BNO) Training
Brock String Training
Central-Peripheral Integration - Laminated Numbers
Cervical Proprioception Training
Gait Training Home Program
Normal Physiological Diplopia Training
Smooth Pursuit Training
Smooth Pursuit & Saccades - Door Jam with Strip Charts
Saccades Training
Stick in a Tube Activities
Virtual Reality Glasses
VOR x 1 Training
VOR x 2 Training
VOR Training in the Dark
VOR Vergence Mediated Training


value packed resource section!


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'Simplify Vestibular' Kit

The 'Simplify Vestibular' Kit provides a variety of assessment and treatment tools – beyond vestibular. You have access to written instructions and indications for vestibular, balance, and gait assessments and treatments plus additional resources for vision, cervical proprioception, and concussion. So, think of this as the Simplify Vestibular & Beyond Kit!

The 'Simplify Vestibular' Kit includes the tools you need to perform testing for eye alignment, oculomotor, vestibular ocular reflex function, balance, motion sensitivity, & cervical kinesthetics, step-by-step instructions, and video demonstrations.

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