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'Simplify Vestibular' Kit

The 'Simplify Vestibular' Kit provides a variety of assessment and treatment tools – beyond vestibular. You have access to written instructions and indications for vestibular, balance, and gait assessments and treatments plus additional resources for vision, cervical proprioception, and concussion. So, think of this as the Simplify Vestibular & Beyond Kit!

The 'Simplify Vestibular' Kit includes the tools you need to perform testing for eye alignment, oculomotor, vestibular ocular reflex function, balance, motion sensitivity, & cervical kinesthetics, step-by-step instructions, and video demonstrations.

Each 'Simplify Vestibular' Kit comes fully equipped with (1) Foam with Cover, (1) Headlamp with Laser Pointer, (2) Vision Rods, (1) 8.5x11 Eye Chart, (1) Pocket Eye Chart, (1) Laminated Pineapple, (1) Eye Occluder, (2) Stick in a Tube, (2) Glow Sticks, (1) Brock String, (1) Large Near Far Letter Charts, (2) Letter Strips, (4) Small Near Far Letter Charts, (2) Safety Glasses, (2) Joint Position Error Target, (1) Penlight, (1) Tape Measure, (1) Timer, (1) VR Glasses, (1) Painters Tape, (1) Scotch Tape

  • Pupillary Light Reflex (PLR) or Swinging Penlight Test
  • Eye Alignment with Occluder
  • Normal Physiological Diplopia
  • Ocular Motility and Smooth Pursuit
  • Saccades, Vergence
  • Dynamic Visual Acuity Test (DVAT)
  • Joint Position Error Test (JPET)
  • Modified Clinical Test of Sensory Interaction on Balance (mCTSIB)
  • Modified Control of Balance Test – AKA: Modified Concussion Balance Test (mCOBALT*)
  • Vestibulo-Ocular Reflex
  • Cancellation Test (AKA: Motion Sensitivity Test)
  • Visual Midline Shift Test
  • Treatment Guidelines
  • Vestibular Ocular Reflex Training Guidelines
  • Vestibular Spinal Reflex Training
  • Vision Training Guidelines

  • Accommodation Agility & Saccades Training - Letter Charts
  • Binasal Occlusion (BNO) Training
  • Brock String Training
  • Central-Peripheral Integration - Laminated Numbers
  • Cervical Proprioception Training
  • Gait Training Home Program
  • Normal Physiological Diplopia Training
  • Smooth Pursuit Training
  • Smooth Pursuit & Saccades - Door Jam with Strip Charts
  • Saccades Training
  • Stick in a Tube Activities
  • Virtual Reality Glasses
  • VOR x 1 Training
  • VOR x 2 Training
  • VOR Training in the Dark
  • VOR Vergence Mediated Training

Plus, a Resource Library!

Vestibular-visual-gait assessment and treatment tools at your fingertips plus a balance assessment protocol designed for use in concussion management programs and with higher-functioning non-concussed individuals.

Another bonus: it's fully portable.

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