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360 Neuro Health's targeted solutions are designed to position your brand for maximum exposure and engagement through live events and our networking platform, 360NeuroGO. We offer customized solutions that give your brand visibility in interesting and effective directions while aligning your brand’s marketing objectives with highly targeted opportunities throughout the year.

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All of our educational content is now hosted in 360NeuroGO. Our members experience community-powered learning which helps them stay motivated through discussion, access resources at their fingertips, and get 1:1 real-time connection. 360NeuroGO provides you a platform to teach our global healthcare membership about your company's Leading Advancements, Breakthroughs, & Solutions.

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With 360NeuroGO, our members forge meaningful connections in this multi-disciplinary network consisting of medical doctors, physical therapists, physical therapist assistants, occupational therapists, occupational therapist assistants, neuro-optometrists, audiologists, chiropractors, athletic trainers, researchers, academics, and physios. Now is the time to add your company's story the conversation!

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We created 360NeuroGO with the goal to provide high quality content through authentic engagement and valuable connections. We are inspired by the questions and feedback taking place day to day! We encourage you to jump into discussions and provide meaningful education and resources.

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Welcome to the place where healthcare professionals enhance their skills, implement strategies, and collaborate with each other from around the world! Our members get instant access to the latest knowledge and resources for vestibular, vision, cervical, concussion, balance, and gait.

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Our members connect with speakers and fellow healthcare professionals virtually and in-person at our live events. We share ideas and collaborate. 

This is your chance to demonstrate the value of your product and/or service while educating prospective customers on how your solution truly solves their pain points and enables them to perform their job more efficiently. 

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Our members use the search feature to look for topics, questions, and comments as well as assessments, treatments, and tools in our dedicated spaces: VestibularGO, VisionGO, CervicalGO, and ConcussionGO. Step-by-step instructions, video demos, and references all in one place.

With 360NeuroGO, our members can get instant access to easily searchable content when they need it. The more high quality content you provide and the more you engage with our members, the more searchable your brand becomes!

Our members are searching for targeted solutions like yours!

Position your brand for maximum exposure and engagement through our live events & networking platform. We offer customized solutions that give your brand visibility in interesting and effective directions while aligning your brand’s marketing objectives with highly targeted opportunities throughout the year.

discovering leading advancements, breakthroughs, and solutions

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Backed by decades of movement science expertise and research-grade technology, Bertec has revolutionized patient care by bringing you precise and actionable information with easy-to-use software and intuitive reporting.

The combination of computerized dynamic posturography, computerized vision testing and training, and head-mounted virtual reality offers the clinician a versatile range of assessments and training tools to provide patients with targeted rehabilitation programs and better outcomes. Emphasizing the range of science-based solutions from rehabilitation to biomechanical sport performance analysis, Bertec’s reputation is built on the accuracy of its products and its commitment to the people served.

Interacoustics is more than state-of-the-art solutions. Our mission is clear. We want to lead the way in audiology and balance by translating complexity into clarity:
  • Challenges made into clear solutions
  • Knowledge made practical
  • Invisible medical conditions made tangible and treatable

Our advanced technology and sophisticated solutions ease the lives of healthcare professionals. We will continue to set the standard for an entire industry. Not for the sake of science. But for the sake of enabling professionals to provide excellent treatment for their millions of patients across the globe.

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MediTouch provides our clients with the most advanced technology assisted rehabilitation systems for orthopedic and neuromuscular rehabilitation.

MediTouch has brought customized safe and objective perturbation training to the clinic. The BalanceTutor is the leading perturbation based balance and gait treadmill, preventing falls and enabling better walking ability.

The BalanceTutor allows our clients in clinic to profit from the clinically proven modality of perturbation in a customizable and repeatable format that is both safe, objective, repeatable and documented. 

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NeckCare TM is a forward-thinking health-tech company on a mission to improve patient care through objective data. The NeckCare TM System is the fruit of over two decades of research and is a unique and patented technology. Whether a patient suffers from neck pain, headache, or imbalance, assessing the cervical spine for potential impairments is important to ensure the best treatment approach and outcome. The NeckCare TM System provides healthcare professionals with an objective way to assess and treat the function of the cervical spine. Range of
motion, proprioception, and sensorimotor control assessments use a combination of a wearable sensor and a software platform. Automated reports help clinicians monitor the status and progress of their patients efficiently.

IMPACT offers a range of comprehensive, hands-on manual therapy training programs. Our programs include manual therapy fellowship training and an advanced manual therapy certification program. Our course offerings cover a wide range of topics to enhance your biomechanical assessment and treatment skills. From the lumbar spine to the cervical and thoracic spine, our courses will equip you with the knowledge and techniques necessary to excel. We also provide courses on the assessment, treatment, and manipulation of peripheral joints, as well as integrated upper and lower quarter syndromes. We are excited to offer specialty courses for visual and vestibular assessments and treatments. 

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It's NOT a Walker -It's a Neuromuscular Trainer! The only mobile device that syncs with your stride. The Vizziq Neuromuscular Trainer is the first evidence-based progressive, solution for over-the-ground neuromuscular gait training that provides dynamic stability. Vizziq improves gait mechanics including gait speed, stride length, trunk rotation while promoting posture and balance. This is a trainer and not a mobility device and evidence suggests that use of the Vizziq for 20 minutes, 3 times a week, can increase confidence and decrease fear of falling. The spring-loaded pivoting frame allows for a more natural hip and shoulder movement. It can improve your patient's gait mechanics, increase their confidence, and help them thrive at home. 

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Signature Partner featured in 360NeuroGO

Signature Partner featured in 360NeuroGO

Signature Partner featured in 360NeuroGO

Signature Partner & NeckCare Academy featured in 360NeuroGO

Signature Partner featured in 360NeuroGO

Essential Partner featured in 360NeuroGO

For almost 30 years, VeDA has been a highly respected source of scientifically credible information on vestibular disorders. Since 2012 VeDA's website has provided education and community over 18 million times. Through our publications and online community, VeDA has reached literally millions of vestibular patients with critical information and support. VeDA connects people with vestibular healthcare specialists through our provider directory of clinics and clinicians who specialize in diagnosing and treating vestibular disorders and advocates on behalf of all who are impacted by vestibular disorders to raise awareness and improve healthcare outcomes.

ACPIVR is a professional network for physiotherapists with an interest in vestibular rehabilitation. It has been recognized by and is affiliated with, the CSP (Chartered Society of Physiotherapy).

It is a self-governing body led by a committee of enthusiastic volunteers who all work in the field of physiotherapy and vestibular rehabilitation, either as clinicians, in education, or in research.. 

Its membership focus is centered on supporting the practice of physiotherapists who treat patients with vestibular-related disorders.

Non-Profit Partner featured in 360NeuroGO

Non-Profit Partner featured in 360NeuroGO

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Vestibular First is an innovative company dedicated to advancing the field of vestibular diagnostics and rehabilitation through cutting-edge, cost-effective technologies and educational resources. They are committed to improving the accessibility and affordability of vestibular equipment, making it more widely available to professionals, and thereby enhancing patient care. The company underscores the importance of evidence-based practice, supporting research to ensure the effectiveness and reliability of their products in addressing various vestibular disorders. Their mission centers on fostering better understanding and treatment of vestibular conditions, ultimately aiming to enhance patient quality of life through more efficient diagnosis and treatment protocols.

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Signature Partner featured in 360NeuroGO

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