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We kick off the Certificate of Competency in Concussion Management (CCCM) Course in January 2025! Enroll now and get $100 off during our Summer Sale. Plus, get the Digital Publication: Dizziness and Balance Assessments & Treatments - A Clinical Guide for Healthcare Professionals | 1st Edition for FREE! Limited seats available. 

Certificate of Competency in Concussion Management Course

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This 6-week evidence-based concussion management competency course, created by healthcare professionals, acknowledges the value of your time and is designed to allow you to participate whenever it suits (or fits into) your schedule.

The Certificate of Competency in Concussion Management (CCCM) Course provides you a convenient and flexible path to advanced training in concussion management through online coursework and a final examination.

To earn your Certificate of Competency in Concussion Management, you must complete the assigned coursework and weekly assignments, and pass the final examination. You can retake the exam up to three times to achieve the minimum required score of 80 or higher.

With this training, you'll deep dive into a comprehensive intake and review of past medical history from the patient and/or caregiver, including identification of yellow flags to identify psychological stressors and risk factors that may affect their outcomes. We'll identify the most appropriate assessments based on current trends and research in concussion management as well as integrate targeted interventions based on impairments identified through reliable tests and measures and specific concussion trajectories. 

We'll discuss the sequencing and progression of a variety of treatment strategies that are specific to the patient and the cause of concussion. Our content focuses on the continuum of care for a comprehensive concussion program from baseline to time of injury to post-injury and throughout the recovery process. Our content goes beyond vestibular by addressing evaluation and treatment approaches for cognition, vision, the neck, and exertion. We also discuss the impact on recovery with nutrition, poor sleep patterns, and anxiety. You'll learn about technologies and clinical assessment tools as well as how to incorporate findings into a rehabilitation program.

The CCCM content is hosted in our online learning platform, 360NeuroGO, to help you succeed through interactive modules, quiz and exam question banks, discussion boards, live chats, and so much more!

Multidisciplinary collaboration in a friendly and judgment-free atmosphere to share your insights and ask questions with the course director, CCCM faculty, and current students. The coaching calls are held weekly and recorded for later viewing.

Real-Time Feedback with CCCM Chat & Weekly Coaching Calls

We’ve transformed the experience to maximize your training potential and meet all of your on-demand needs. Our content features case studies with subject matter experts who deliver evidence-supported concussion-related topics. The case-study format is designed to provide a practical, problem-solving application of the more in-depth theoretical framework discussed in the videos.

Case Study Format

Lifetime access to an ever-growing collection of resources, literature, new articles, new treatment ideas, preparatory quizzes, and case presentations, + over subject matter experts providing weekly educational lessons on concussion management topics. 

Resources at Your Fingertips

Collaborate with 360NeuroGO Members From All Over the World!

CCCM Discussion Board Assignments
Real Time Feedback in 360NeuroGO

At the beginning of each week, faculty will pose questions relevant to that week's unit. There are a total of 6 lesson units.

These questions will be based on a brief case study. You are responsible for TWO posts each week:

  • Post 1: Respond to a minimum of 2 questions posted by faculty with 1 reference for each. References can be from an article or a lecture. Faculty responses are due by midnight (CST) on Sundays.
  • Post 2: Post a question or share a clinical experience in What's on your mind? (in the Member Hub). No reference is needed. This post does not have to be specific to the lesson content but a relevant concussion-related topic of discussion.

Posts are due by midnight (CST) on Sundays. Responses for both posts can be brief -- a minimum of 3 sentences. 

Since this is a guided course, staying current with each week's post is recommended. But we allow for flexibility. The requirement is that all assignments (2 posts for each unit) are completed before you can complete the CCCM final examination. Suppose you fall behind, just direct message us. This is a guided course, but we allow for flexibility when needed.

Winter 2025

Orientation Week - January 13th - 17th

Unit 1: January 20th - 24th

Unit 2: January 27th - 31st

Unit 3: February 3rd - 7th

Unit 4: February 10th - 14th

Unit 5: February 17th - 21st

Unit 6: February 24th - 28th

Final Examination Week: March 3rd - 7th

The Certificate of Competency in Concussion Management (CCCM) Course provides you the flexibility of having a learning plan that best suits your needs through a guided approach.

Coaching calls are held weekly and recorded for later viewing.

Winter Enrollment Is Now Open!


You will join other like-minded healthcare providers from around the world who believe learning is a lifelong process. 

Enroll Now & Save with our Early Bird Pricing!

The CCCM Course provides you with the  flexibility of having a learning plan that best suits your needs through a guided approach. Come be a part of our learning experience! 

Enroll now for $398 $498

Easy Payment Options

Pay in full or in interest-free installments

'Shop Pay' payment plan option is only available for customers in the United States. If you live outside of the U.S. and would like to set-up a payment plan, please contact us at and a team member will reach out to you.

Is the CCCM Course virtual?
+ It is a virtual course that allows you to proceed at your own pace as you follow along with our guided lesson plan.

How many hours per week commitment?
+ Expect to spend 3 to 5 hours per week working through the course material.

When are the coaching calls?
+ We have regularly scheduled coaching calls with course instructors (1 hour per week). These are live and recorded for later viewing.

When are the quizzes?
+ The quizzes are at the end of every module. They will always be available to you so you can go back at any time to review the questions.

How experienced in concussion management should I be before attempting this course?
+ Experience is recommended but not required. Keep in mind that the format will be presented in a supportive, interactive manner. You will have access to weekly coaching calls and everyone should know that all participants are encouraged to ask questions as needed. We will also make available preparatory reading materials as well as links to additional resources for those participants who are interested.

Will there be continuing education credits available?
+ This educational offering is eligible for the following hours:​ 15 continuing education hours (competency-based track that includes online course and a final examination). We have staff dedicated to obtaining CEU approval across all states for physical therapists, physical therapy assistants, occupational therapists, occupational therapy assistants, and athletic trainers. Since 360 Neuro Health is headquartered in Texas, our education and training is approved first through Texas' accrediting bodies. As part of our mission, we will work with you to obtain continuing education credit in your state with your accrediting body as an individual licensee. Email us at if you would like to obtain continuing education credits in your state/region. Certificates will be awarded upon successful completion of the educational offering and evaluation form. 

What is your cancellation policy?
+ If you purchase the CCCM Course and find it wasn’t what you expected within 15 days, we’ll give you your money back. There are no strings attached and it is absolutely risk-free for you. Getting a refund is easy and fast. Simply send an email to

How long does it take to get through the CCCM Course?
+ The CCCM Course is organized into a flexible schedule that allows you time to complete the course in a 6-week period. Plus, once you purchase the course, you will have lifetime access to all of the modules and materials. We want to give you as mush flexibility as you need to complete the certification as we recognize that all of you are industry professionals with busy schedules.

Will this course give me a title?
+ You can use the designation, Certificate of Competency in Concussion Management, upon successful completion of our didactic and practical competency-based coursework. This designation, however, is to be spelled-out and not be represented by initials after your name and other degrees and board certifications. You must, however, also know your practice act to be aware of any language that would supersede this. We also encourage you to know the position of your professional association.

Frequently Asked Questions

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